Handling Specialty was approached by a previous customer, Siemens, to custom engineer and manufacture a portable lift capable of moving 35,000 lb locomotive transformers in a locomotive assembly facility. The lift, which moves the transformer underneath the locomotive, traverses along the track and can move up or down 2” and cross traverse 2” in each direction to aid in the installation of the transformer.


  • Vertical screw actuated, portable transformer lift
  • Vertical motion of the platform is realized by four vertical screw jacks, mechanically synchronized and installed on intermediate platform
  • Cross traverse of the platform is realized by two horizontal screw jacks, mechanically synchronized
  • Travel along the rails is realized by one gear-brake motor turning one cart axle. Wheel will be single flanged, Hamilton style
  • Two other wheels will be idler and single flanged as well
  • Lifting eyes at 4 corners (above wheels). Lifting only permissible without load on platform
  • Includes a portable, manual wind, non-live cable reel with wheels and handle

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