Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured custom towveyor carts that move both horizontally (by towline) and vertically (with two electromechanical lifts) to meet the ergonomic and assembly needs of an automotive production line. The front lift is used to hoist the front axle and engine assembly into the vehicle body while the back lift inserts the rear axle. Synchronous lifting is essential since the front and rear modules are joined by a drive shaft.


  • Extremely safe and low-maintenance towline system
  • Screw-actuated lifts powered by a unique non-contact power distribution system
  • Programmable automatic control system for lift operation on board each cart
  • Installed controls are modular with pluggable connectors
  • Operated by foot controls which must be pressed simultaneously for lifts to move. If contact ends, both lifts stop
  • Lifts can be lowered with an emergency override button
  • Chamfered corners and skirts on the cart


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