Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured a unique portable tilt and rotate platform for draining dry storage containers (DSC) that hold spent nuclear fuel rods at a nuclear facility in Ontario.  The process begins when a full container is lifted from a pool of water via crane and placed on the rotator.  An operator uses a hand pendant controller to rotate and tilt the DSC to allow water to drain from the container. The three degree tilt angle must be maintained for 24 hours for complete drainage to occur.

For convenience, the rotator was designed with vertical storage in mind.  The power unit and gear motor were incorporated into the rotator to allow for both horizontal and vertical positioning. To transport the rotator, a sling was provided to move the unit via overhead crane.


  • Unit tilts 3° to allow water drainage from container
  • Tilt must be maintained for 24 hours
  • Rotates 90 or 180 degrees in either direction


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