Handling Specialty met the challenge of designing a multi-lift riser system controlled by a single PLC unit.  The system was installed in a business training auditorium to increase the flexibility of the room as the space can be used as a single level room or as a tiered auditorium.

The system is comprised of five lift units, each of which is made up of two scissors mounted end-to-end with an angled platform and base.  This angled design helps to optimize the scissor’s support.


  • System includes five lift assemblies and one control system
  • Lifts travel at a rate of 3 feet /minute
  • Dynamic capacity 15,000 lbs, static capacity 30,000 lbs
  • Adjustable travel limit switches provided, as well as back-up overtravel switches
  • Accurate vertical positioning with an operational up/down variance of less than ±0.125".  Lateral position travel is also highly accurate with a variance of less than ±0.062"
  • The completed travel of the lifts is 14", 28", 42", 56" and 70" respectively.  The lifts can only be operated in sequence but can be stopped at any height to operate in reverse until the lifts are back at floor level


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