These eight robust, Three Axis Mast Lifts were custom engineered for an aerospace manufacturer to ergonomically position technicians during their upper wing panel sealing process. These units come as a set, one right-hand side and one left-hand side which share upper and lower rails for horizontal motion. Four sets were built for this application.

With foot peddles controlling the horizontal travel, the operator's hands are free to work the mounted controls directing vertical motion via the mast's belt lifts, as well as forward travel through the scissor lift. An Air Line Supply is also included on each of the units as well as a Manual Release Lever.

Safety bumpers and personnel collision detection sensors assist in keeping both the operator and equipment safer as the units travel around the wing assembly.

Handling Specialty provided installation and commissioning, as well as training and aftermarket support.


  • Onboard controls with E-stop
  • Ground level operator/maintenance box
  • Foot peddles for horizontal motion
  • Air line supply
  • Manual release lever
  • Personnel collision detection sensors
  • Over-travel limit switches
  • End of travel proxy sensor
  • Industrial lighting
  • Personnel fans
  • Safety bumpers/lights
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Anti-fall protection
  • Fail-safe operation
  • X-Axis - Traverse: Helical Bevel Gearmotor
  • Y-Axis - Extension: Ballscrew Jack
  • Z-Axis - Rise: Dual Linear Belts
  • 120V electrical outlet

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