Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured two (2) sets of three (3) telescopic cable booms for a major electric power company in the United States. The booms will be used to carry and position 1000V electrical cables above and into a large electrical transformer so it can be tested. 

A collision avoidance system as well as an e-stop ensures optimal workplace safety and protection of the equipment. The collision avoidance system monitors both the boom rotation and the boom extension using a PLC and encoders which are programmed to stop the booms moving when they are at a preset distance from each other. Once a boom has been stopped by the collision avoidance system, it can only be moved in the opposite direction.


  • Three telescopic cable booms to carry and move heavy electrical cables above and over a very large electrical transformer so it can be tested. Booms are mounted on supports approximately 60’ above ground, extend from the wall 33’ and rotate +/- 40 deg.
  • Each unit consists of three (3 beams): stationary, intermediate and external. Electrical cables will hang below the beams on five (5) hangers
  • Booms support a horizontal load of 330 lbs and a vertical load of 440 lbs
  • Includes e-stop and collision avoidance system so booms do not collide
  • Each unit independently controllable
  • Booms are controlled by pendant and control panel  

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