Handling Specialty was approached by a current customer which manufactures large equipment for the agricultural industry to create a more ergonomically friendly and efficient material handling solution for moving large diesel engines along an assembly line process.

After collaboration between the client and Handling Specialty’s engineering and sales teams, Handling Specialty created a custom self propelled cart operated by battery power. This cart can be steered manually off the production line and can also be driven along a straight assembly line by engaging a steering lock pin.

The client manufactures eight (8) different engines on this assembly line, so Handling Specialty custom engineered tooling plates that are mounted to the top of the scissor lift in the cart, and these tooling plates can be changed quickly and easily to accomodate the different payloads.

In addition, Handling Specialty also added “step on plates” so workers can safely climb onto the cart to work directly on the engine, an area to hold each engine’s paperwork and recycling bins built into the lift to help the client meet their environmental goals.

To note, the client previously installed an under floor lift system to help in the final assembly process of the agricultural equipment.


  • Sixteen (16) cart system
  • Tooling plates designed for eight (8) different engine types
  • Battery powered, 24VDC with internal hydraulic power unit and integrated charger (charge overnight)
  • Baseframe c/w 2 wheel steering at front, single drive wheel on left rear and rigid caster on right rear
  • Power steering via electromechanical actuator
  • Steering lock pin allows cart to travel down guide track on assembly line
  • Walk on front cover panel allows personnel to stand on cover and work on payload

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