This free-standing 4-post electro-mechanical screw lift was custom-designed to lift and support rail trucks for a specific client’s truck measurements and application. Each lifting jack is powered by its own motor and synchronized to each other to ensure level lifting.

Lifting frames for the trucks are included on each jack allowing the wheels to rotate freely when raised. For the safety of personnel and product, the controls are set to automatically stop at 24” from the floor and the panel reset to continue the lowering operation.


  • Lifting and lowering speeds 5fpm or 1.52 minutes to complete
  • Bellows and screen coverings also provided to protect the screw threads
  • Lift height up to 72” from the floor
  • Safety back-up nut and wear indicator included with each lifting jack post along with automatic lubrication systems
  • A master control panel with HMI screen and remote wireless pendent are included which contain key-locked ON-OFF switch
  • Visual rotating light beacon and audible horn provide added safety when the hoist is in motion
  • Each Jack is equipped with high, low, over-travel limit switches

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