Handling Specialty received a purchase order from a major mining company including an electric cart, skid and levelling blade assembly.

These three parts work in tandem to move raw product from a loading area to be weighed. The skid assembly (track) is located in the loading/unloading area of a BC mining facility. The cart is set on the rails of the skid and loaded with their shipping container. The container is then loaded from an overhead chute as the cart is progressed. The levelling blade assembly is used to level out the load for accuracy when weighing.

The cart, when moved to the unloading area at the other end of the skid, follows the trackage of the skid resulting in the cart rotating 90 degrees so its container can be lifted away by their overhead crane.

As each of the three parts to this system are their own separate piece of equipment, the spec's are shown for each in the features section.



    Electric Cart

  • 251" L x 116" W
  • Load capacity - 60,000 lbs
  • 14" track wheels
  • 10" caster wheels
  • 4 corner screw jack lifts
  • 4 corner scales

    Skid Platform

  • 780" L x 286" W
  • Safety shock absorbers placed on both ends of the track

    Leveling Blade Assembly

  • 176 H x 144 W x 167 L
  • 40" H x 75" W blade
  • Replaceable blade
  • Blade speed 75"/minute

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