Rail Maintenance Manually Guided Vehicle

These rail maintenance manually guided vehicles (MGV) have been designed to carry rail car HVAC systems through maintenance procedures, and are equipped with two (2) drive wheel modules and two (2) stabilizing caster assemblies that are bolted to the MGV’s robust, steel frame. The MGV features traditional forward, reverse and zero turn motion in both unloaded and loaded conditions.

The MGVs are equipped with four (4) recessed amber strobe lights and audible signals that indicate the manually guided vehicle is going to start motion and is in motion. The top surface of the MGV's are equipped with 6"x6" pockets for HVAC Storage which a custom tooling frame will hold, recessed 6"  across front and back to accommodate. The 6" wide slots will be continuous from the pockets with no dividing walls.

These MGVs are controlled by an operator with either the wired pendent controller, or a remote hand-held controller. Intermittent duty cycle- 200 feet per hour, 6 days per week, 300 days per year.

The material handling equipment is designed to meet the applicable sections of the Industrial Trucks Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF), B56 series standards, and follow OSHA guidelines where applicable.

The MGV’s are designed to be capable of traverse motions on floors with the customer's custom specifications.


  • Operator interface
  • None-marking Polyurethane wheels
  • TPPL batteries and charger assembly with POD module
  • Control system monitoring
  • Audible, programmable alarms, and warning lights
  • Multiple motion capabilities
  • Hand-held tethered pendent

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