Handling Specialty was approached by a transit organization in Canada to design and manufacture a Custom material handling solution to assist technicians in removing and re-installing a large metal housing (containing electronics) weighing up to 4,500 lbs from the underside of Siemens transit vehicles.

A wobble plate was installed on top of the lift because the metal housing requires manipulation during the re-installation process, and the wobble plate allows movement 1” horizontally in all four directions.

In terms of positioning the lift itself, it is manually pushed under the transit vehicles via a set of steel flanged wheels designed to move on 56 1/2” standard gauge track. This material handling solution could also be motorized or self-propelled, and could also be engineered to remove trucks (bogies), DMU engines etc.


  • Lift equipped with top wobble plate allowing ±1" of horizontal adjustment (additional flexibility to remove and install equipment on the underside of vehicles) on all four sides
  • Wobble plate set on ball roller transfers, and also includes heavy duty plastic guides on corners for flexibility                                                  
  • Operated by hand-held pendant
  • Includes various safety features

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