For a major rail car manufacturer, Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured three custom lift systems, each comprised of two self-propelled scissor lifts and one wireless radio frequency hand controller.  Together, the lifts handle a railcar body weighing up to 16,800 lbs.  

Loaded via crane, the lift system follows floor-mounted guide rails to move the railcar through a series of in-line progressive work stations.  At the end of the assembly line, the lifts are picked-up via forklift and returned to the beginning of the line (note the fork pockets in the photo above). At this facility, the lifts move up and down once and travel 100’ horizontally per eight hour shift.


  • Lifts can be operated independently or as a pair via radio frequency hand control
  • Self-propelled via on-board 48V AC battery power
  • Audio/visual beacon operates during movement
  • Safety features include front and rear rubber bumpers and an audio/visual beacon to indicate motion

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