Handling Specialty was approached by an international agricultural equipment manufacturer regarding a material handling challenge. The company, which makes equipment weighing in excess of 20 tons, needed a way to lift and hold equipment approximately 2’ from the floor during one of the final stages of assembly, while the large wheels were being attached to the vehicle body. It is important that the equipment stay steady and level during this stage.

Handling Specialty custom designed and engineered an electro-mechanical lift system that could be installed in a pit under the assembly line. The lift has multiple safety measures built in, runs smoothly and quietly, and is operated by handheld pendant. Handling Specialty also installed the equipment and trained technicians on how to run and service it, in a true turnkey operation.


  • 60,000 lb capacity lift
  • Ball screw actuators ensure high mechanical efficiency and quiet operations
  • Multiple safety measures built in
  • Sensors include up/down travel, up/down overtravel, warning blocks, locating shot pins raised/lowered
  • Pit mounted design

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