Handling Specialty expanded its experience in lifts for the transformer industry with the manufacture of a unique lift for Ferranti Packard.

Historically, transformer coils were wound in a horizontal position.  Winding takes place vertically today, presenting a challenge to workers whom must maintain the coils, which can stand up to twenty feet in height.  The solution was to lower the coil and install the lift system in a pit.  As the coil is wound it is lowered, which allows the worker to remain at floor level.  The vertical winding of the copper wire continues uninterrupted as the lift adjusts to the height of the coil.

Installed in a pit, the lift features a unique open-center platform to accommodate the coil.  As the copper is wound, the diameter increases.  For this reason, the opening was designed to be adjustable - it increases in size as the coil increases.  The 20,000 pound capacity lift handles the massive copper coils with a smooth, self-locking drive.  In addition to the design and manufacture of the system, Handling Specialty managed every aspect of the project, from the interface of winding equipment to system controls.


  • 20,000 lb. capacity four post lift with smooth, self-locking drive
  • Raises and lowers coils for copper winding        
  • Unique open-center platform accommodates copper coil       


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