Handling Specialty designed and manufactured six (6) personnel lifts for an international locomotive engine manufacturer in the USA. The lifts are operated in pairs (with the engine in the center) and allow technicians to safely and ergonomically position themselves during the assembly process. In addition to the lift raising up and down, the platform is also equipped with five (5) sliding extensions that allow technicians to move closer to the engine. The extensions, which are controlled by an electric cylinder with a brake,  are 35" wide and can extend 21", with a capacity of 300 lbs.

Various safety features were incorporated into this lift including:

  • Anti-skid finish on platform, antifall protection provided via a vertically mounted rack
  • Base has locking gates to prevent personnel from walking under platform when raised
  • Edge protection via touch bar on the edge of the extensions


  • 4,000 lb lift capacity, hydraulic actuation, 56” x 190” platform area, 61” vertical travel (rise rate approx. 2” per second), platform includes five powered extensions to allow personnel to access locomotive engine during assembly process
  • Extensions are 35" wide with 21" extension distance                                               
  • Duplicate controls located at either end of platform for operator efficiency
  • Various safety features including locking gates, anti-slip surfaces, anti-fall protection, fail safe operation  

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