This robust personnel lift was designed and built for the Energy industry to enable the assembly of turbines in an ergonomic setting.


This material handling equipment was engineered to hold all necessary material on the platform with at least (2) operators. The lift is able to raise and lower all together and the platforms also move hydraulically in towards the components as well as out, away from the components. Each side, front and back, can move in and out independently of each other.

The collapsible staircase raises and lowers with the platform.

Additional mechanical safety interlock system to keep all personnel on the lift at the same height in the case of power loss or equipment failure.

Motors interconnected with drives to allow re-aligning.

When the work platform is in the air there are no supports under the working areas of the platform, this is to allow the lift to be raised in the highest position and allow a fork truck to place material on the pad with no obstruction.

The pass through areas are adjustable, to allow company to slide or move the pass through areas in and out from the product.

Controls station mounted on the lift for all operations.

Operations  include:

  • Moving up and down
  • Moving the front side in and out
  • Moving the rear side in and out
  • Moving Core Steel Lift up and down
  • Emergency E-Stop on the controls station
  • Self-leveling stairs smounted on the rear side
  • An audible alarm active while the lift is moving
  • A flashing light when the lift is moving
  • The railing system is easily removed and  made out of light material to allow for easy lifting and storage

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