An Ohio-based gas compressor manufacturer engaged Handling Specialty to design and manufacture a high capacity, hydraulic lift to be used during the painting process. Because some of their compressors have centers of gravity outside of the lift envelope, Handling Specialty engineered a custom solution specifically for this application. In addition to the offset loads, the underside of the compressors needed to be fully accessible for painting.

The process starts with the gas compressor lowered onto the lift via overhead crane, which is then bolted to the top of the scissor lift. The top of the compressor is painted and then the lift rises to allow painting on the underside of the gas compressor. Safety lock up bars are used to secure the lift during servicing and inspection. Full perimeter accordion-style bellows ensure worker protection while the lift is in the raised position.


  • Capable of handling offset side loads of up to 63,000 lbs. and end loads  of 42,000 lbs. (due to lift envelope and size of compressor)
  • Pit mounted lift located within a paint booth
  • Electrically explosion proof to Class 1 Div 1 Group D for any componets local to the lift platform

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