Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a manually moveable gantry to be used to remove and service air conditioners from the roofs of rolling stock in a railway maintenance facility. Once the air conditioner was removed from the railcar it is moved horizontally and lowered through the platform to the ground. This is a manual version of the gantry, however Handling Specialty has also manufactured self-propelling gantries for the rail industry.  


  • For removal and installation of rolling stock air conditioners            
  • Equipped with electric chain hoist with push trolley and festoon system      
  • Propelled manually along rails on double flanged wheels
  • Rectangular opening with three sided walkway on personnel platform to allow work to take place on railcar
  • Equipped with a 2,000 lb capacity electric chain hoist with push trolley and festoon system for railway car maintenance (air conditioners)
  • Safety features include guard rail, steel grated walkways, self-locking gate, safety hook-ups for anti-fall protection, access ladder with safety cage

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