Nose Cone Gantries for Rail MRO are mobile power car nose work platforms that operate intermittently when required. These units provide access to the sloped front nose cone of the client's existing and new Locomotives.

The nose cone's track wheels retreat on hydraulics to move the unit via forklift from one set of tracks to another or onto the shop floor where the casters take the weight of the gantry and a forklift tows the unit. Once in place, the nose cone gantry is positioned in front of the Engine and choked. The operator can then raise or lower the work platform for precise positioning.


  • Handheld Pendant
  • Powered, retractable rail wheels system
  • Platform includes twelve 9” wide, manually adjustable slider sections to conform to rail car nose profiles
  • Shop floor casters
  • Tow hook and Fork pockets (For Forklift)
  • Two hand ladders
  • Bumpers
  • Handrails
  • Safety gates
  • Manual brake release

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