- 2000mm lifting stroke

- 200mm / min travel speed

- minimum lifting arm pad starting height: 550mm, maximum height: 2550mm.

- horizontally adjusting lifting arm

- contact sensor on lifting arm pads

- overall dimensions: 3900mm high x 1400mm 850mm

- Buttress screw thread, protected with bellow covers above and below lifting arm

- Back up nut / wear sensor

- Hydraulic rear pump for activating lifting wheels for manual movement of the jacks.  Jack pump handle operates as a stering wheel for movement

- SEW Motors

- Electrical Power: Available in 380V-3PH-60HZ  or 480V-3PH-60HZ or 575V-3PH-60HZ power. Control: 24V

- Master control Panel is plugged into main power and each jack is powered and controlled through the main control panel.  20 meters of power and control cable provided for each jack




- Operator and maintenance manuals included.

-  6 month Warranty

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