An insurance research laboratory required a specialized and controlled environment to conduct fire testing on its clients’ products.  A large moveable ceiling platform fitted with a sprinkler system is positioned over the clients’ products and is ignited. After the fire is extinguished the laboratory analyses the results and is able to advise clients on how best to set up their facility to reduce fire damage. (i.e. optimum height and number of sprinklers required to immediately extinguish a potential fire).

Handling Specialty designed, manufactured and installed the 80’x 80’ moveable ceiling for this unique testing facility. The platform travels vertically 50’; the top of the platform reaches 69’ in the air at its highest point of elevation.


  • Used in fire suppression testing at insurance research laboratory    
  • Large ball screws weigh approx 2,300 lbs. each      
  • Top of platform reaches 69’ at highest point of elevation    


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