Handling Specialty worked with a client in the nuclear industry to engineer and manufacture an extremely large four post lift to be used in a test facility to train nuclear technicians in the re-tubing process for refurbishing nuclear reactors. The lift was manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to comply to Z299.2 requirements.


  • Platform size 370" x 295" approx. with front extension 370" x 77" approx.
  • Actuation by four ball-screw bevel gear jacks actuated by electronically-synchronized servo-gear-brakemotors with redundant brakes
  • Capacity 115,00 lbs
  • Vertical Travel approx 275"
  • Travel speed: High Speed = 7.5 FPM, Low Speed = 0.5 FPM.
  • Includes handrails on platform, personnel walk-off area, ladder with fall-arrest device for ingress/egrees to/from platform.
  • Includes linear rails and rack to accommodate HWT linear bearings. Includes bracing to surrounding building structures.
  • Z299.2 Compliant                                                                      

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