Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured two direct thrust hydraulic Stage lifts to lift and hold performers at a theme park.  The pit-mounted lifts are operated in unison or independently and are situated on either side of an arc-shaped stage area.  Two sets of scissors were used on each lift to reduce the differential deflection of the long platform due to the movements of show personnel during performances.



  • Vertical travel at rate of 0.8 ft /second to 96"
  • Dynamic capacity of 6,000 lbs, static capacity of 18,750 lbs
  • Tandem scissor design for greater stability      
  • Designed to safely hold 13 performers during performance where weight distribution is uneven/changing
  • Lifts operate in unison or independently         
  • Incorporates hydraulic safety fuses to stop descent in event of hydraulic fluid loss

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