Handling Specialty and Atomic Energy of Canada combined forces in the design and manufacture of a lift system used to service AEC gimbles.  The gimble is a device that is mounted to an overhead crane in the reactor tube area of a nuclear power plant.  Positioned on the underside of the crane, the gimble is used to remove old fuel rods and insert new ones into a reactor. 

The removal of the gimble assembly from the underside of the overhead crane requires precise, vertical and horizontal positioning.  Handling Specialty designed a dual loft system with a platform large enough to accommodate plant workers.  Mounted on the large lift is a smaller lift, which carries the gimble.  The main lift moves the gimble from the service area to the reactor area.  Once the wheels are locked, the main lift is raised to the final height.  The second, smaller lift then locates the gimble in the “x-y” plane, lining up bolts for mounting.

The system’s main lift is hydraulic while the second lift is mechanical to ensure accurate positioning. 


  • 7’  platform extends 2" with aluminum extenders
  • Hydraulic and mechanical lifts
  • Mechanical lift used for strict positioning
  • Manufactured in strict accordance with nuclear requirements
  • Integral power pack
  • Mobile lift — can be positioned anywhere


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