The Double Drop Table is a fully engineered mobile hoist system that will facilitate the replacement of an existing rail car wheel-set with a new wheel-set.

The Double Drop Tables traverse on a set of rails laid perpendicularly and below the elevation of the rail car service tracks in a trench of prescribed depth. Two independently functioning twenty (20) metric ton hoist systems are located at either end of the Drop Table, both of which can contain, at various stages of the operation, either the existing wheel-set that is being replaced, or the new wheel-set that is being installed. Ultimately, the Double Drop Table has been designed to decrease wheel-set change-out cycle times by making the new wheel-set promptly available after the existing wheel-set has been removed.

Typically, one (1) new wheel-set is loaded at a Wheel-set Loading Station onto the Double Drop Table hoist that contains a Service Top. Upon command, the Drop Table traverses in the lower trench, and is designed to position itself repeatedly and accurately at a Wheel-set Change Station; an area in the facility service track that functions as the location where the wheel-sets are removed and replaced.


  • 20 Ton Double Drop Tables
  • Four (4) Service Tops
  • One (1) set of Locking Bar Pockets
  • HMIs consoles
  • Limit switches
  • Safety light

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