For the Houston Chronicle, Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a 20,000 lb. capacity lift for the unloading of 5,000 lb. paper rolls.  The high demand for newsprint at the newspaper required the lift to endure heavy use.  As well, Handling Specialty engineers had to incorporate into the lift support for a large side load that was created as a fork truck drove onto the lift from the side.  In order to address this, cross-stabilizing scissors were employed to provide extra strength. 

With a 20,000 lb. capacity, this mega-style lift has dual opposing sets of hydraulic cylinders, self aligning axle bearings and anti-friction wheel bearings.  The lift is able to achieve high cycling performance due to these features and a quality manufactured build.



  • Heavy capacity mega-style lift with dual opposing sets of hydraulic cylinders, self-aligning axle bearings and anti-friction wheel bearings
  • Cross stabilizing scissors to accommodate large side loads    
  • High cycle self-aligning axle bearings, anti-friction bearing wheels

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