Handling Specialty Manufacturing was successful in its bid to manufacture a 60-ton locomotive shim table for CP Rail in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Shim tables are used to lift and hold a locomotive so rail technicians can shim or “true” the wheels. The lift is installed in a pit in the maintenance building. The lift  is complete with locking pins that are actuated from the ground level to secure the platform top in the home position. 

In this application, the locomotive moves onto the lift and stops with its wheelset positioned on the lift. The lift rises one (1) inch upwards so the wheelset can be detached, and then lowers six (6) inches into the pit so that rail technician can shim the wheels. The lift platform is equipped with 136 lb. ASCE rails. Once the wheels have been shimmed, the lift raises the wheelset so it can be reattached to the underside of the locomotive and the locomotive returns to service.



  • Heavy duty, robust, durable design and manufacturing
  • Locking pins actuated from ground level for additional stability and safety            
  • Limit switches sense position of support bars       
  • Controlled via handheld pendant


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