A power turbine manufacturer in the US approached Handling Specialty with a material handling challenge. The company, which manufactures turbines weighing up to 100,000 lbs, needed to lift, lower and hold the turbine during its lengthy assembly process. Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured a four post mechanically actuated pit mounted lift that would hold the turbine during the various stages of assembly. The lift can easily manage loads up to 100,000 lbs and allows workers to access the entire circumference of the turbine in an ergonomically effective and safe manner throughout the assembly process.


  • Four post lift with mechanical actuation
  • Can be completely customized for a customer's specific needs and facility
  • Smooth, synchronized and level motion throughout the range of travel
  • Secure load holding at any elevation
  • Center platform opening can be modified to fit any product measurements
  • Vertical assembly platforms can be surface or pit-mounted

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