A "Big Three" automaker approached Handling Specialty to custom engineer, design and manufacture explosion proof, high precision scissor lifts for one of their robotic automotive paint facilities.

In this solution, the fully-assembled car body enters an off-line inspection booth by way of a power roller conveyor.  The body is transferred onto the paint station’s tandem scissor lift so that inspection can take place.  The purpose of the scissor lift is to position the body accurately for painting by the robot. Synchronous lifting was achieved and made possible by the lift's line shaft interconnected ball screw drive.


  • Explosion-proof paint area designation
  • Tandem electro-mechanical custom engineered scissor lift
  • Precise positioning, synchronous lifting
  • Lift is a “LT” configuration, two scissor lifts connected end to end by a common platform and baseframe
  • Scissor lift table is of the screw actuated series.  Compact and highly adaptable to many diverse industries, this series has become the material handler's workhorse. This lift table is a very dependable and rugged machine requiring minimum maintenance.

There are two major classifications of screw actuated lifts. The first utilizes a ball nut in conjunction with a rolled ball screw. Found primarily in high cycling applications, these units results in a low friction lift at higher speeds. The second type combines a machined lifting nut with an acme screw thread. This union produces a drive system that is inherently self locking with zero load creep. Both drives result in a table with exceptional repeatability, allowing the unit to be used for precision positioning and indexing, load ejection and acceptance, and automatic feeding applications.

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