An aircraft parts manufacturer required three axes of movement  in one lift and turned to Handling Specialty for the solution. The system consists of two lifts: The main lift has a vertical travel of 60” and consists of two large high speed hydraulic scissor lifts mounted in tandem. The second lift sits on top of the main lift and has two line-shaft synchronized mechanical scissor lifts. Traversing the actual lift platform are hydraulically-synchronized linear actuators.  

A 240” cart with a basket of parts is rolled onto the platform when the system is at its lowest position. The main hydraulic lift extends to raise the cart quickly to its final height. The secondary mechanical screw lift then takes over,  precisely raising the cart and basket above the power and free hangers. The cart and basket are then translated horizontally and the basket is lowered, by the auxiliary lift, onto the flight bars. The overhead conveyor system removes the basket and transfers it to the plating tanks.


  • Dual tandem scissor lift system with a translating platform
  • High speed motion in combination with precise positioning
  • Hydraulic lifting in combination with line shaft synchronized mechanical screw lifting
  • Three axes of movement


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