This Custom Scissor Lift with Rotator will be used to stack plates of zinc in a smelting process. Built with heavy-duty steel to withstand the rigors of a smelting operation, the lifts include the rotator on top of the platform. These lifts will run 129 cycles/hour, 24 hours a day, 310 days a year.



  •  Scissor lift is designed to be power up, gravity down and to work with purchaser’s existing HPU at 900 psi
  • Includes proximity sensors for “fully down” and “rotate height” sensing, wired to Junction Box on base of lift
  • Velocity fuses installed at base of each cylinder. Cylinders plumbed to manifold on base
  • Includes chemical resistant bellows around lift. This requires 3” of free space around the lift to clear bellows. Purchaser to ensure
  • Includes maintenance blocks
  • HPU by purchaser, lift and lower speeds dependent on HPU performance and controls
  • Rotary Table supported by slewing ring with external teeth, driven by hydraulic motor which is plumbed to manifold on base
  • Includes idler gear with rotary encoder for position feedback to purchaser's controls
  • Encoder is wired to JB on base
  • Grease fitting provided on side of platform for slewing ring lubrication

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