Each gantry system is purpose built according to the needs of each specific customer's needs.

If your company's maintenance or assembly process requires you to place your employees over the top of large pieces of equipment to perform tasks, then a custom gantry system from Handling Specialty may be the equipment you are looking for. Widely used throughout the rail, automotive, process and advanced manufacturing industries, Handling Specialty's custom gantry systems ensure your staff are safely and ergonomically positioned to perform their required tasks.

Gantry systems can vary widely in design, taking into account the load they are required to hold, the environment they will be operating in, the height and width of the materials being worked on, and whether the gantry needs to move mechanically (self-propelled), or be manually moved by other means.


  • Purpose built for any environment, including outdoor use, Class 1 Div 1 explosion proof
  • Built in safety features such as anti-fall and anti-collision devices
  • Manufactured to CSA, OSHI standards
  • Self propelled or manual options available
  • Working platform custom outfitted with power, dataports, air, lighting, supply racks, etc.
  • Custom power and controls packages
  • Variable travel speed on the x,y,z axis

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