This custom dock lift was engineered to bring sets and equipment from the loading dock to the show stage. The lift's ability to tilt offers the flexibility required to load/unload from a myriad of trailer bed heights.

The lift is installed into a pit designed to house the electrical box and the unit's rear ball screw lifting jacks.

Safety precautions were included in the design to ensure the lift will stop if it comes into contact with anything in the pinch areas while lowering.

This custom dock lift is rated to accept the weight of a forklift and its load.


  • Limit Switches on the platform for Up/Down travel
  • Safety limit switch on the tail side of the platform
  • Safety touch tape switches on two sides
  • Wireless handheld pendant control
  • HMI screen on the operator control box
  • Removable handrails
  • Throw-over plate for easy trailer loading/unloading

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