Handling Specialty helped pioneer the modern automotive assembly line back in the early 80s with the development of ergonomic and efficient skillet lifts for the North American auto industry. The lift allows the vehicle to to be raised and lowered by foot controls.  As the line moves, employees adjust each vehicle’s height to their own ergonomic requirements.

This lift application was extremely successful, and Handling Specialty went on to custom engineer and manufacture variations of the skillet lift for the Big Three automakers for many years, and continues to manufacture various lifts for the auto industry to this day.




  • Innovative CSA screw actuated lifts          
  • Electro-mechanical ballscrew drive in combination with the scissor geometry produces constant speed with low power requirements
  • Safety features include anti-fall protection, over-travel limits and full circumference bellow skirting
  • For added reliability, the units feature a solid coupling-free drive line 
  • All critical pivots and rolling points have anti-friction bearings for increased efficiency




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