Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured ball screw actuated lifts for the first skillet system for a major North American automotive manufacturer.

The skillet utilizes platforms (skillets) to transport the materials or products through various assembly operations.  The strength of this system is that it provides access around the perimeter of the product enabling the worker to travel with the product as it is conveyed through the various stages of assembly.  The skillet travels at a pace that permits the worker to finish an assigned task then walk back to the starting point picking up new material along the way and stepping onto the next skillet. 

The skillets are propelled longitudinally or laterally, forward or reverse, with friction drive wheels located along the side(s) of the skillet at the beginning of each assembly line.  At the end of each line holdback drives exert a reversing force on the skillets, thus ensuring contact between the skillets through the work zones.

Handling Specialty successfully satisfied the specifications of the manufacturer in addition to incorporating numerous safety features:  anti-fall protection, over-travel limits and full circumference bellows skirting. 

All critical pivots and rolling points have anti-friction bearings for increased efficiency.  For added reliability, the units feature a solid coupling-free drive line.



  • Incorporates automatic control system (ACS) utilizing cable transducers      
  • ACS able to automatically adjust height to different operator levels at various zones along the skillet system
  • 12.45” low height and 49.95” raised height       


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