Custom designed and built to position technicians inside a paint booth, this paint booth gantry system comes as a pair of units. Each carriage ergonomically and safely positions technicians around the aircraft parts. Lift capacity per carriage is 1000 lbs and can travel horizontally, vertically and extend outward for precise positioning.

Safety is built into Handling Specialty’s equipment and each carriage includes limit switches for traversing along the rails, platform switches for lowering and raising as well as extension and retraction limit switches.

On 3 sides of the platform are collision switches, and when activated, stop all movement and sound an audible and visual alarm on the platform wall. Additional features include railings which raise and lower, a manual release, exterior operator controls, lights, foot peddles on the platform to control vertical movement, and much more.

Looking for robust material handling equipment engineered to handle the rigors of manufacturing facilities?


  • Onboard controls with E-stop
  • Ground level operator/maintenance box
  • Foot peddles for horizontal motion
  • Airline supply
  • Manual release lever
  • Personnel collision detection sensors
  • Over-travel limit switches
  • End of travel proxy sensor
  • Industrial lighting
  • Safety bumpers/lights
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Anti-fall protection
  • Fail-safe operation

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