Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured two (2) lifts for a major defence company in North America. The lifts will be used to transport equipment 45’ up and down four levels of a temporary building during the assembly of product. The lifts employ several safety features to ensure the safety of personnel and the customer’s assembled product. To provide additional stability to this four-stage lift, it was equipped with four guide bars (matching the length of the lift’s vertical travel) that were welded to the customer’s facility. It was also important that the lift be engineered to be able to be disassembled, relocated, then reassembled at the customer’s other locations, so the design included installing eye bolts for lifting and making the platform two pieces.


  • 112,000 lbs capacity, hydraulic actuation, 96” x 186” platform area, 492” vertical travel
  • Base includes downstops and leveling/lagging pads
  • Includes four (4) guide bars (each the full length of vertical travel) welded to the facility structure to further stabilize the lift during transverse load conditions
  • Other safety features include:
  • 42” H handrails on platform
  • Fold-down ramps (manually actuated) fill 5” gap between platform and building door opening
  • Hydraulically actuated locking bars with interlock switches lock platform in the event of an hydraulic failure
  • Interlock provisions so the lift will not operate if the customer gates are not closed and locked

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