• Used set of four 35 ton Whiting rail and locomotive jacks
  • Seven months old
  • Electrical 575V-3PH-60HZ
  • Located in Grimsby, Ontario
  • Almost new condition
  • Please contact us for price


Buttress Thread

  • The load screw in each Whiting jack is a machined buttress thread
  • The buttress thread has an inherent self locking feature which makes them ideal for lifting equipment applications

Screw-In Compression

  • Our “in compression” design eliminates screw issues when the jacks are under load

Self Locking35

  • Jacks are self locking in case of power outage


  • Jack motors are extensively tested and synchronized, eliminating the need for expensive monitoring equipment

Electrical Controls

  • All electrical components are UL/CSA approved

Lifting Brackets

  • Lifting brackets can be modified to any configuration to suit the customer’s lifting application


  • Moved easily on high diameter wheels
  • Can be lifted with an overhead crane

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