OSA-LATOR Precision Index Table


  • Naturally ramped accel-deceleration design offers a vibration free system
  • Accurate positioning at end of each rotation
  • Fast cycle times include 180 degree rotation in 2.5 seconds
  • The orbital-lock eliminates maintenance prone shot pins and clutches
  • Central cable access eliminates the challenge of bringing power lines to the tooling fixtures
  • Constant cycle speed assures constant cycle times regardless of load size or location
  • Quick tool change permits rapid tooling change outs to minimize downtime
  • The weld splatter resistant enclosed system protects against abrasive contamination
  • Its compact size helps to economize cell space and minimize robot cycle times
  • The orbital-lock drive is an innovative solution with advantages of servo drives
  • Simple design offers long life with its large bearings and low stress drive
  • Exceptional value with unmatched features and economical cost
  • Rock solid performance, virtually eliminating platform deflection while loading one end and welding at another 


OSA-LATOR Precision Index Table


Our Robotic Precision Index Table, the OSA-LATOR, is available from Handling Specialty in several models such as a tooling ready structural top, dial-top, servo, and head/tailstock frame for applications such as robotic welding cells, water jet cutting, materials handling, assembly, robotic grinding, polishing and positioning.

The Tooling Ready Structural Top

  • Capacities from 1000 - 13000 lbs (453 - 5896 kg)
  • Accurate positioning of =0.002" (0.05 mm)
  • Mechanical orbital-lock drive
  • Up to 4 stations
  • Fast cycle times
  • Central cable access


  • Dials available with 48" 60" or 72" Diameters (1219, 1524 , 1829 mm)
  • Machined steel surface on dial tops
  • Available for TD/LPD500, 1000 and 2000 models
  • Custom dial top sizes and materials available
  • Simple tool mounting

Head/Tailstock Frame

  • Accommodates various head/tailstock drive devices with its cyclonicalbearing
  • Support capacities up to 1000 lbs per side (453 kg)
  • Provides swing radius of up to 20" (508 mm)
  • Variety of widths

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The OSA-LATOR is vibration free, offers accurate positioning, fast cycle times, self-locking, central cable access, a constant speed cycle, quick tool change, is splatter resistant, compact, featuring a unique drive, long life and offering exceptional value and customer satisfaction.

Minimize downtime with an indexing table that is ready to go when we deliver it to your shop floor. Reduce maintenance costs with a tough, production-duty indexing table that is built to last.

The orbital-lock drive in every OSA-LATOR robotic index table provides three major benefits:

  1.   Naturally self-locking in station
  2.   Inherent ramped acceleration and deceleration
  3.   Accurate positioning with zero backlash

Designed and manufactured since 1990, the OSA-LATOR precision indexing table has improved efficencies across multiple industries by offering precise positioning and repeatability through a simple, yet effective design. Some of the industry's which employ the OSA-LATOR include manufacturing, automotive, stamping plants, clean room applications, aerospace, and engineering. The OSA-LATOR features models for all applications. For more information on our precision indexing tables, please contact our sales team.

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