50 Ton Portavator

The Portavator converts a forklift into a powerful and efficient in-plant materials handling system capable of moving heavy loads using a light-to-medium duty forklift, and can be custom engineered and designed for any facility.

50 Ton Portavator


Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured a 50 ton Portavator to help an automotive manufacturing company move stamping line dies weighing 97,000 lbs using their forklift truck.

The Portavator’s manoeuvrability, fork truck compatibility and quick disconnect lift-arm system made it an ideal solution for the customer who experienced cost savings in die changeout and repair times as well as increased space utilization.



  • Four-post mechanical dock lift with high capacity and low profile      
  • Electro-mechanical drive with machine screw actuators    
  • Self locking, 100% level lifting, zero creep load holding